Monday, 11 February 2019


The Buskuleles practise twice a week, Mondays at The Conservative Club, Usk and Thursdays at  The Glascoed Pub, Monkswood.  If we are rehearsing for a gig we will have a shortlist of songs to run through for several weeks before deciding which songs to include in the set.  John will have thought about the type of gig and audience we are playing to before drawing up the initial shortlist.

If we don't have a gig on the horizon practise sessions are an opportunity to learn new songs.  Learning a new song can be challenging in a number of ways, new chords, unusual phrasing or if you haven't heard the song before simly learning the tune!

We have some really talented band members who are always happy to share what they know and there are always impromptu 'tutorials' happening before  we start and during our break.